Saturday, July 10, 2010


Take a look at this custom made tractor mount that we sold to one of our long time customers -

National 680D / International 7600 6x4 - Tractor Mount

This is a National Crane model 680D custom mounted on an International 7600 6x4 chassis.  Check out the set-back, behind the cab mount.  Six feet of storage for tools, outrigger pads, emergency generators, towing supplies, straps, you name it.
REALLY, behind-the-cab mount!

The 14 foot, removeable "short" bed sits over the Holland fifth wheel which is accessible by pulling off the bed - usually with a fork truck.  

"Shorty" bed.

Fifth wheel - under the removeable bed

If you have a heavy duty tow business doing recovery work, if your company is involved in supplying temporary power generators in remote areas, if you just need a tractor mounted crane that does not spend 100% of it's time hauling trailers - this custom boom truck is something to consider.

At Runnion Equipment Company, custom mounted cranes are a regular part of our business.  Working with our manufacturers, we can supply you with a custom mounted telescoping or articulating (knuckleboom) crane to meet your special application.

Truck mounted cranes, pedestal mounted cranes, rolling base cranes, barge mounted cranes or cranes mounted on trailers - we have seen (and sold) them all !