Saturday, January 5, 2013

Safety.  In our business, we take it seriously.  The conditions that our technicians work in are not always the best and never pristine.  To do their job effectively and efficiently requires an awareness of conditions and personal responsibility.  We talk about it constantly, we have meetings about it regularly and everyone is expected to point out situations, equipment or practices which they feel are hazardous or potentially so.

Keeping safety above board and on everyones mind pays off.  Each of our service technicians have been with us for many years, they are our "front line" and the individuals most in harms way - every day.  Their experience and training over those years is an investment in them and in our company.  Keeping our people healthy and productive is second to nothing - they are our most valuable asset, our co-workers and our friends.  Some may feel that luck plays a part, but we prefer to use a professional approach.  In 2012, we succeeded once again - everybody safe, no accidents, no lost time