Friday, April 8, 2011


Each spring and fall Runnion Equipment Company holds a  FREE  Boom Truck Maintenance Seminar here at our Lyons, Illinois location.

Customers from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin make it a point to send their operators and maintenance people to take advantage of the opportunity to hear from our Shop Superintendent, meet our Product Support people and to get some one-on-one hands-on time with our Technicians, learning the correct steps and proper products with which to maintain their truck mounted cranes. We cover a lot of material for both telescoping and knuckleboom cranes.

Face it, while they are a money and time saving tool to many industries, boom trucks are not cheap to buy nor are they inexpensive to own and operate. Add to this the fact that OSHA and all crane manufacturers require documented daily, weekly, monthly and annual maintenance and inspection procedures (the lack of which will find you paying hefty fines or voiding warranties); it is without a doubt in the crane owners’ best interest to make sure his people know what they are doing.
Greasing the boom - everybody gets a turn

Keep in mind as well, that the required inspections are designed to catch problems before they become critical. To that end, employees have to be able to recognize when an issue can be handled “in house” and when it is time to call the professionals. An additional bonus is that trained employees can better document and explain to our Service Manager and our technicians, just what is happening with their crane when they do bring it to Runnion for crane repairs, annual inspections or scheduled maintenance services.

Our Free Maintenance Seminar is always held on a Saturday usually starting at 8 am (donuts and coffee are served) and it runs until 11:30 formally or until everybody has their questions answered.

We always have our Product Support people at the seminar -

Product Support Dude

offering special pricing on the parts, tools and lubricants you need to keep your crane well maintained – (everybody gets a giveaway or two as well). It is always a good time filled with crane stories as there are many years of crane experience represented in the group from which to draw from.

Manufacturers’ reps for the cranes we sell also show up from time to time and make themselves available for questions.

While the seminar is free, we do ask that you call and register for the event so that we have an idea of how many people to expect.

To register;

Call Frank Fitzgerald at 800-824-6704 or email,

One more item to note - the first telescoping crane and the first knuckleboom crane customer to register get their cranes lubed for free (since we will use them in the demo)!