Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Valentines Day gift?.    The 2011 Chicago Blizzard's 20" of snow - is going away.  We are finding all kinds of neat stuff in the deteriorating drifts here at Runnion.

Now come the floods -  

and a chance to see the DesPlaines River up close..... (from the Hoffman Dam?)

The economy seems to be a version of the same thing.  Thawing and good news, but new challenges lurking.

There is this good news from  Manitowoc   and this good news from  Palfinger - good news if you are a shareholder (or a dealer!).

Good news from the Wall Street Journal - we are spending more

Bad news on fuel prices... expect this to telegraph down to us consumer types. 

Bad news on the Federal Deficit.

With all the Good News / Bad News, it is obvious that depending on your niche, certain segments of the economy are doing well.  Note this key takeaway:

The bottom line is that we all have to dig ourselves out.....

This is the time of year that our customers bring their cranes in to get inspected and repaired to be ready for the spring building season.  Our Service Department is busy at this time of year and we have special pricing available if you need work done on your transportable forklifts - whether you own a Crayler or one of several competing brands.  We service them all.